AccuTerra Hits a New Milestone with Update

May 5th, 2021

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After a year of quarantine, winter snows, and unease, springtime is here and bright with optimism. The beauty and freedom of the outdoors provide a light at the end of the tunnel.

To capitalize on some pent-up energy after so long indoors, how many of your customers are itching to get out of their house for a wonderful experience in good weather and nature?

To help them find the best trails and provide an accurate GPS while out and about, look no further than the next generation of AccuTerra Maps. Recently updated, users will receive the same great unique outdoor recreation content with updates and expansions.

Some benefits of this recent update to AccuTerra Maps includes:

  • Multiple Outdoor Recreation Uses - The newest version of the software is designed to help hikers, bikers, backpackers, 4x4 enthusiasts, hunters, and many more stay on the right path in the outdoors
  • Built for Developers - Developers can license our product to utilize it in their applications
  • Now with Vector Tiles - AccuTerra supports vector tiles (allows for personalization and flexibility) in addition to raster tiles (provides an image that pre-rendered)
  • Worldwide Coverage - While our maps only covered the USA previously, we now offer maps for locations around the world.

As an added bonus, the unique content from AccuTerra has been combined with OpenStreetMap to create an unparalleled recreational map. This means:

  • Showing all public lands in the United States
  • Additional 400,000 miles of rural roads to follow
  • 109,000 miles of trails now added
  • 500,000 points of interest noted for users to find and enjoy
  • A global terrain model for a 3D view
  • Highly detailed elevation contours for the globe

Your users can enjoy our new map styles, including Outdoors and Topo. The AccuTerra Outdoors style displays land ownership on top of all other map data. Topo shows users a European map style, which includes many of the same features as Outdoors. For a starting base to customize the maps any way they want, we also have the Terrain style. This style is a grey basemap suited for overlaying other data to render a custom map.

Are your customers worried about losing signal out in the wilderness? No worries! They can access our maps even when offline. There are no restrictions for storing AccuTerra’s offline maps on mobile devices, so customers can rest easy while enjoying the great outdoors.

Ready for Your Next Adventure?

If you’re an outdoor recreation company looking to expand your customer base and drive new revenue, look no further than AccuTerra Maps. Give your users all the information they need to explore the outdoors confidently.

To learn more about what makes AccuTerra Maps a must for your customers, check out and start developing for free today.