Stories from AccuTerra on the Baja Trail

July 7th, 2021

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AccuTerra Maps knows you always need the most current, accurate data for your users who off-road, hike, or explore areas of the outdoors, which is something traditional maps don’t show accurately. To provide developers with the best maps to integrate into their application, we decided to collect data from Baja in Mexico, one of the most iconic stretches of land in the world for 4x4 enthusiasts, among others.

To get this data, AccuTerra put literal boots on the ground. Some of our executives explored Baja and provided insight into the available routes and points of interest for fellow outdoor enthusiasts to explore when accessing AccuTerra. Check out some of their stories below:

Michael Bullock

President & CEO, on the Jesuit Watering Hole

“Following several days of trail collection in central Baja, I went to the Jesuit Water Hole. It is a short trail that branches off the main highway, about two and a half hours’ drive south of San Felipe. We had no information on the nature of the trail and the reason for its unique name. Were it not for the fact I had a GPS coordinate for the trailhead, we would have driven right past it. Once at the specified location, we had to look around to confirm this was the right place. Then we started our trail collection process, marking data and taking photos along the way.

There is no way there could be a water hole in this region, I thought as we drove along the trail. As we approached the end, we came around a corner only to see some palm trees situated at the bottom of a hill. Could there really be water hidden in the middle of nowhere? Imagine our surprise when, in the midst of these palm trees, we found an actual waterhole still in use! We could see that the local residents would water their cattle here from time to time.

When off-roading, you never know what you may find. This is why we made the effort to collect unique, curated trail information for our clients’ AccuTerra users to experience.”

Tom Johnson

Director of Professional Services, on Baja Collection Points Memories

“For one thing, it was a quiet escape from the hectic world and a fun filled adventure with new journeys every day. We saw cactus forests as far as the eye could see, as well as mountains on one side and the ocean on the other as we drove down the trail. The ocean had crystal clear, calm waters on some branches and then roaring waves on the other. We encountered narrow trails on steep cliffs, with difficult terrain for even the most experienced 4x4 wheelers to handle blind. We had a few incidents of getting stuck in sand but eventually wiggled our way out.

The Baja Trail is an amazing, peculiar adventure for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Luckily our photos and data on the trails will make the experience much easier and safer for other enthusiasts.”

Dan Walton

Director of Software Architecture, on the Baja Trail Experience

“The drive down to Baja is quiet and uneventful, but you can take in panoramas of ocean, desert, salt flats, and mountains all along the way. Once at the hotel in San Felipe, I met with Harald Pietschmann and Matt Peterson to plan out the next day’s trails. Harald is a 4x4 veteran who’s guided countless trips in the wilds of Baja for Fortune 500 executives and in his free time seeks out new gems in the wilderness. Matt brought decades of off-road trial scouting experience to the adventure. We could never have done this project without either of them.

The next five days were filled with adventure. Baja is a big, beautiful, desolate, quiet, eerie, glorious place to go off grid. We saw some amazing sites, like the Cucapah Fumarole (a steam vent); dry lake beds; sand dunes; Coco’s Corner (local legend) and cacti forests. Without the expertise of Harold and Matt, we could have missed many of these amazing places. We hope our experience leads the way for other enthusiasts who might want to go off the beaten path.”

AccuTerra Goes Farther for Your Users

AccuTerra Maps helps fellow developers offer outdoor adventure with accurate off-road descriptions and photos to their customers. Our latest mapping experience of Baja highlights how our program is designed by fellow outdoor enthusiasts who also know the ins and outs of an effective user experience. Adding in-depth information about the trail allows developers, and by extension users, the opportunity to present an effective and detailed mapping so no one gets lost or encounters confusing twists and turns.

Ready to get your users out on the Baja Trail? Sign up for a free account to start using AccuTerra Maps today, and share the outdoors with your customer base in a brand new way.